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World of Disney East Side Reopens

The east side of World of Disney in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort has reopened (the side closest to the parks). The west side has closed again for final work. The store is scheduled to reopen in a couple weeks. The new sign is up on the door near La Brea Bakery.

20181005 173933 wm

A quick look around inside.

20181005 174041 wm

20181005 174046 wm

20181005 174038 wm

20181005 174104 wm

20181005 174112 wm

20181005 174051 wm 1

20181005 174100 wm 2

20181005 174158 wm

The Sleeping Beauty Castle artwork comes to life with an animation.

20181005 174140 wm

20181005 174150 wm 1

A large cashier area near the center of the section.

20181005 174432 wm

20181005 174309 wm

20181005 174754 wm

20181005 174449 wm

20181005 174917 wm 1

There is a temporary barrier at the midpoint of the store so they can remove the wall that was constructed for the project.  So right now there is only one set of doors in use which means the store gets rather crowded.  We saw cast members counting guests and later in the evening they had a queue and were restricting entry to keep the number of guests inside manageable.

20181005 174805 wm

The center doors are closed and the old sign is still up.

20181005 175226 wm

Same story for the west doors near Starbucks, closed up and the old signage still.

20181005 175325 wm

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