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Tokyo DisneySea Soaring: Fantastic Flight to Open July 23

New Attraction at Tokyo DisneySea

Soaring: Fantastic Flight to Open July 23

URAYASU, CHIBA— Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that the new attraction, Soaring: Fantastic Flight, will open on July 23, 2019, at Tokyo DisneySea® Park.

A scene from Soaring: Fantastic Flight   /  Exterior of Soaring: Fantastic Flight

Based on the popular attraction, Soarin’Around the World, which has been enjoyed by Guests visiting the Disney parks outside of Japan, the attraction at Tokyo DisneySea will feature new scenes and visuals for an experience exclusive to the Park in Japan.

Soaring: Fantastic Flight is a flight motion-simulator attraction that will take Guests on a journey over famous landscapes of the world, while they experience the breezes and scents that match the various scenes. Guests of all ages can look forward to experiencing this attraction.

Attraction Facts
Ride Duration: About 5 minutes (main show)
Capacity: 87 persons per theater
Number of Theaters: 2
Investment Amount: About 18 billion yen
Disney FASTPASS®: Available
Height Requirement: Must be 102 cm or taller

Note: This attraction will be available for “Happy 15 Entry”– an exclusive privilege that allows early entry to the Parks for Guests staying at a Disney hotel.

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Soarin: Fantastic Flight at TokyoDisneySeaBackground Story

Nestled in the hills of Mediterranean Harbor, amidst the backdrop of an old-world Italian village, the Museum of Fantastic Flight is dedicated to humankind’s enduring dream of flying. Today, the museum celebrates Camellia Falco—a visionary innovator in the fledgling field of aviation—with a special retrospective of her life.

A grand tour of the museum includes a magical visit from the spirit of Camellia and culminates with Guests boarding her latest and greatest achievement—a flying vehicle of her own design called the Dream Flyer. Guests soon experience what Camellia believed, that our imagination can propel us into the future and take us everywhere in the world we wish to go. And before Guests know it, their spirits are sent soaring.

Soarin: Fantastic Flight at TokyoDisneySea

“Soaring: Fantastic Flight” special website (in Japanese only):

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