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Marvel Games adds Captain Marvel Content

Captain Marvel all new film inspired game content rolling out between now and the end of March –

  • MARVEL Strike Force: February 20 – Available today, fans will get a new Kree campaign, character rebalance and new characters, Captain Marvel and Minerva.
  • Marvel: Future Fight: February 20 – Players, prepare for boss battles with Talos, Kree and Skrulls. Plus, new characters: Korath, Minerva and Nick Fury and new movie costumes for them AND Captain Marvel and Ronan.
  • MARVEL Battle Lines: February 21- New cards for Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, Ronan, and Goose the Cat.
  • Marvel Puzzle Quest: February 28; March 14 – New original content is coming, fans can prepare for versus and story events. Captain Marvel will join the game on February 28 and Talos on March 14.
  • Marvel Contest of Champions: March 6-7; March 21 – Players can keep an eye out for Captain Marvel on March 7 and Nick Fury on March 21.


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