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Walt Disney World Ticket Prices Changed Today

Walt Disney World ticket prices changed today.   Most went up but it depends on the option and tier you choose.  Since it varies so much I did not do a table since comparisons have become harder to do.  For the current pricing/options  visit the official Walt Disney World Ticket Site at – https://disneyworld.com/tickets/ for details.  Below is a quick table showing recent Annual Pass pricing –


WDW Annual Pass 2017 2018 2019 2020
Platinum $869 $949 $1,119 $1,195
Platinum Plus $779 $849 $1,219 $1,295
Premiere $1439
(includes tax)
(includes tax)
(includes tax)
(includes tax)
Water Parks $125 $130 $139 $139

Note: Walt Disney World Tickets prices are before sales tax of 6.5%


Disneyland Ticket Prices also increased today.  Here is a post with those details.

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