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Sketchy Tales – Disney Edition

Big Potato Games Sketchy Tales – Disney Edition

Out now from Big Potato Games is Sketchy Tales – Disney Edition, a board game combining elements of Pictionary and telephone for Disney fans of all ages.

Disney Sketchy Tales can be played with four to eight players and combines recognizable Disney characters with wacky scenarios. To begin, each player gets a character card and a scenario card (ie “Aladdin … jumping out of a cake”) then draws their phrase on an erasable sketch board. Each player passes their board to the left, then writes down their guess for their new board. After passing the boards to the left, players must draw the new phrase. At the end of the round, players will see the all of the drawings and guesses before revealing their original phrase, and earning points for great drawings and silly guesses.

Big Potato Games Sketchy Tales – Disney Edition

This game is recommended for ages eight years and up, which fits based on the slightly complicated set up, but the game would be entertaining for Disney fans of all ages. The cards also give a lot of options for younger players or for those without an encyclopedic knowledge of Disney characters. The character cards include pictures, and the scenario cards have four options, allowing younger players to choose a phrase that they can understand and draw.

I’m a high school teacher, and used some of the cards to play a virtual version of the game with my students and it was a hit. The game comes with only black dry erase markers, but it is a lot more fun if players can draw in color, especially for younger players to be able to tell who each character is.

Sketchy Tales – Disney Edition includes 60 character cards, 120 scenarios, 8 dry-erase markers and 76 dry-erase cards, plus player character tiles and score cards. It is available now from Target and Amazon.

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