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Marvel Studios’ Eternals – Home Video Review

Eternals Home Video BoxMarvel Studios’ “Eternals” arrives on various disc formats Tuesday Feb 15th.    The film follows a group of ancient heroes that have protected Earth for ages.  The group reunites in order to fend off the Deviants and save humanity.   For more on the film, here is Maggie’s review from its theatrical release.

This initial home video release comes in a array of disc formats including 4K and Blu-ray as well as Digital offerings.  I was sent the blu-ray and digital code combo to review.   The bonus offerings are on the lite side, especially after Encanto being the last release I looked at with its large assortment of features.    For a full listing of the features of this release here is the home video press release.

The focal offering for this Eternals offering is the full length audio commentary by the film’s directory (Chloe’ Zhao) and Visual Effects supervisors Stephane Ceretti and Mårten Larsson.  There are two featurettes that look at the film Immortalized (10:45) and Walks of Life (5:01). Both of these look at the large diverse cast of the film but do not really delve into the making of the film that deeply.   They seemed to overlap and neither one was that insightful.  There is a 2.5 minute Gag Reel in the collection also that is very typical of gag reels.   There are 4 deleted scenes, but no commentary or introductions for them.

This initial home video release of the Eternals comes up short on the number of bonus features.   If you enjoy commentaries or are looking to build out your Marvel library then this release is worth considering.    This offering does not include the IMAX enhanced version of the film, so if you want to see that you need to watch on Disney+.  As of this writing Disney+ only has a trailer as a bonus feature, no other options.

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