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Pictures: The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure Exhibit @ Downtown Disney

A portion of the former ESPN building in Downtown Disney is now hosting an exhibit entitled: The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure. This exhibit is open from noon to 8:00pm daily and is free to visit. It will run through July 4th.

Disney Description of the exhibit:
In the exhibit, Joe Gardner – musician, mentor, and star of Disney and Pixar’s original animated film, “Soul” – takes guests on a musical tour across America. As a tribute to a musical art form that was originated by African Americans, the exhibit illustrates the many different cultures and creators who influenced this ever-evolving genre. Walt Disney Imagineering partnered with cultural institutions and subject matter experts to bring this story to life.

This exhibit differs from the original at EPCOT in Walt Disney World as it includes photographs of the legacy of Jazz at the Disneyland Resort.

Here are some pictures from my visit:

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