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Pictures & Video: D23 Expo 2022: The Making of Disney100: The Exhibition

The Making of Disney100: The Exhibition was on the backlot stage from 10-11am on Saturday morning during the D23 Expo 2022. Here is the official description: Producers from the Walt Disney Archives, Semmel Exhibitions and Studio TK reveal illuminating details about the all-new exhibition celebrating 100 Years of Disney Wonder, scheduled to premiere at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia in February 2023.

Here are some clips from the presentation –

Here are some pictures from the presentation. More plus captions coming in a few days.

Becky Cline the head of the Walt Disney Archives introduced and moderated the panel.

Floor plan of the exhibition for the 1st stop.
They next highlighted a few of the galleries to share what to expect if you visit. There will be 9 galleries. They are organized around theme and not a straight time line.
Gallery 1: Where it All Began

The first contract that officially started the Walt Disney Company in 1923.
Gallery 2: Where do stories come from?

Gallery 5: The Magic of Sound and Music to showcase some of the interactivity.
There are photo ops throughout, such as this Dopey on a bench you can sit with.
Each gallery has its own poster.
The opening date for the first stop at the Franklin Institute will be February 18, 2023
They announced the 2nd and 3rd stops on the domestic tour. Both have historic connections to Walt.

The international tour will premiere at Olympic Park in Munich Germany on April 18, 2023.
There will be a publication and other items to go along with the exhibit.

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