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Daynah’s Japan Adventure: Tokyo DisneySea Nautilus Gifts

Hello Disney Geeks! My family and I are on vacation in Japan and we wanted to share our Disney findings, experiences, and some Japanese culture with you. Be sure to follow along here at for more posts about our Japan adventures.

I enjoy stopping by the Nautilus Gift shop after the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride. It is a gift shop in a converted submarine repair shop where the legendary Nautilus submarine came for its repairs in between exploring the oceans of the world. Captain Nemo converted the place to a gift shop where visiting scientists can pick out souvenirs from their visit. Reflecting its previous use as a repair shop, you will find ship parts, diving suits, Captain Nemo’s inventions, and more displayed in the shop. Enjoy looking around and find some unique gifts and headbands to wear!

disneysea nautilusgifts8
Some fun Baymax gifts.

disneysea nautilusgifts7
Some fun headbands to wear.

disneysea nautilusgifts

disneysea nautilusgifts6

disneysea nautilusgifts5

disneysea nautilusgifts4

disneysea nautilusgifts3

disneysea nautilusgifts2


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