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Summer at Tokyo Disney Resort

URAYASU, CHIBA— As the “Tokyo Disney Resort 40th ‘Dream-Go-Round’” anniversary festivities continue at Tokyo Disney Resort, guests can also enjoy summer offerings including Get Soaked Programs as well as seasonal menu and merchandise items. A heartwarming new entertainment program, featuring all seven characters from Duffy and Friends, will also premiere.

From July 4 through September 6, 2023, Tokyo Disneyland® Park will offer multiple Get Soaked Programs for guests to beat the summer heat. “Splash Mountain “Get Soaked MAX” returns again this year with a special version of the attraction. Additionally, an exciting new entertainment program will be presented along the parade route, in which Baymax, the personal healthcare companion robot from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Big Hero 6, gives guests a welcome reprieve from the summer heat. Toontown will also feature new summer-only Get Soaked spots, where guests can cool down and have fun together at the Get Soaked version of Toontown.

Furthermore, the Aquatopia attraction at Tokyo DisneySea® Park will be bringing back its “Aquatopia Get Soaked version” for the first time in four years.

And at both Parks, cast members carrying barrels of water will spray guests with cool mist in “Get Soaked Time.” Guests will also be able to enjoy an array of “cool” menus and merchandise items at Tokyo Disney Resort this summer.

In addition, Tokyo DisneySea will present a new limited- time entertainment program from July 4 through September 6 in which Duffy and all of his six friends appear together on a boat at Mediterranean Harbor. A new regular stage show, “Duffy and Friends’ Wonderful Friendship,will also premiere at Cape Cod Cook-Off from July 4. Guests can also enjoy “Duffy and Friends’ Summer Night

Melodies” special merchandise, and menu items with souvenirs featuring designs depicting Duffy and his friends enjoying the starry night sky as well as decorations showing all the friends together.

Guests can look forward to creating unforgettable memories with their family and friends at Tokyo Disney Resort this year during its 40th anniversary summertime celebrations.

Get Soaked Programs at Tokyo Disney Resort From July 4 through September 6, 2023

Tokyo Disneyland
Get Soaked Attraction
Splash Mountain “Get Soaked MAX”

The attraction Splash Mountain, where guests ride a log boat that inevitably drops down a 16-meter high waterfall, will present “Splash Mountain ‘Get Soaked MAX’” for the second year in a row. During this limited-period, there will be an additional effect with more water being sprayed to make the drop even more exhilarating, allowing guests to enjoy both the coolness of the water and the thrill of the drop.

– Splash Mountain is presented by Kao Corporation.

Get Soaked Entertainment Program

Baymax’s Water Program (Name to be determined)
Location: Parade Route
Duration: About 30 minutes
Performances: 3 daily
Number of Floats: 2

In this fun entertainment program presented along the parade route, Baymax, the personal healthcare companion robot from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Big Hero 6, protects guests from the summer heat. In the program, Baymax is entrusted with the mission of raising the “energy levels” of guests and searches for areas in need of a cool down while spraying guests with mist. When an area with “low energy levels” is detected, the float stops and guests can enjoy a refreshing spritz of water to up-beat, lively music.

Get Soaked Toontown

Fun spots where guests can get soaked will pop up around Toontown, including the Trolley Barn at Jolly Trolley, Toontown Fire Department and Fireworks Factory, which will spout more water than ever before. Guests can enjoy the hot summer months with these limited- period water-splashing spots.

For safety reasons, guests including children are requested to refrain from experiencing these programs in bare feet or swimsuits, or while removing their clothes.

Toontown is presented by Kodansha Ltd.

Tokyo DisneySea
Get Soaked Attraction
“Aquatopia Get Soaked version”

For the first time in four years, the “Aquatopia Get Soaked version” will return to Aquatopia, an attraction where guests can enjoy the unpredictable movements of an automated water vehicle. In addition to the excitement of not knowing where the vehicle will go, guests can also experience the thrill of not knowing when or where they will get splashed with water.

Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo DisneySea
“Get Soaked Time”

To energize guests during the hot summer months, cast members with barrels of water will be walking around for those who want to be sprayed with cool and refreshing mist.

Each of the Get Soaked Programs are subject to change or cancellation depending on circumstances.

In the Get Soaked Programs, guests’ faces, clothes, shoes, etc. may be exposed to a large amount of water. Please take care not to let your electronic devices, such as smartphones, get soaked, and put them in your bag or pocket.

Summery Merchandise and Menu Items

Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo DisneySea

Summery Merchandise

Both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea will offer a range of summery merchandise items, including apparel such as t-shirts with character and Park logo designs. Guests will be able to enjoy coordinating their summer looks with family and friends.

“Cool” Menus Items

New, refreshing menu items to help guests forget the summer heat will be sold at the Parks. For the first time in two years, Plaza Pavilion Restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland will offer shaved ice.

Covered with a fruity sauce and served with cookies featuring the Tokyo Disney Resort 40th anniversary logo, this dessert not only looks gorgeous, but also pops against the blue summer sky. Additionally, Rackety’s Raccoon Saloon in Critter Country and Squeezer’s Tropical Juice Bar in Adventureland will be offering chocolate sundaes and mango soft serve. Other seasonal menu items at Tokyo DisneySea will include chilled noodles ideal for the summer season.

The date when the menu items become available will vary.
The contents of the special menu items may change without notice.
In addition, menu items may sell out or be discontinued during the event.

Duffy and Friends’ Program
Tokyo DisneySea
Duffy and Friends

All seven friends from Duffy and Friends will appear together for the first time in an entertainment program at Tokyo DisneySea, the only place in the Resort where guests can see these beloved characters. Duffy is a teddy bear, created by Minnie Mouse for Mickey Mouse, who first debuted at Tokyo DisneySea in 2005. He was then joined by ShellieMay, a fellow teddy bear and the first friend of Duffy, in 2010; a cat named Gelatoni who loves to draw in 2014; and a sixth friend, the fox LinaBell who enjoys solving mysteries, in 2022. Through a variety of entertainment programs, decorations and merchandise items, guests are sure to have a wonderful time this summer, seeing all seven friends appearing together for the first time.

Mediterranean Harbor

Entertainment Program

New Duffy and Friends Entertainment Program (Name to be determined)
From July 4 through September 6, 2023
Location: Mediterranean Harbor
Duration: About 10 minutes
Performances: 1 daily
Participating Disney Characters: Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni, StellaLou, CookieAnn (first appearance), ‘Olu Mel (first appearance), LinaBell (first appearance)

From July 4 through September 6 at Mediterranean Harbor, a new entertainment program will be presented, featuring Duffy and all six of his friends. In this show, Duffy and Friends will appear, accompanied by an upbeat and joyful theme song.

Guests can enjoy seeing the friends chat happily with each other, as they clap and dance along to the tunes of ‘Olu Mel’s ukulele.

Three of the friends (CookieAnn the curious dog, ‘Olu Mel, the music-loving turtle, and LinaBell) will also be making their

first appearance in a harbor show at Tokyo DisneySea.

Cape Cod Cook-Off

“Duffy and Friends’ Wonderful Friendship” From July 4, 2023

Location: Cape Cod Cook-Off
Duration: About 20 minutes
Performances: 4 daily
Participating Disney Characters: Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni, StellaLou, CookieAnn (first appearance), ‘Olu Mel (first appearance), LinaBell (first appearance)

“Duffy and Friends’ Wonderful Friendship” a new stage show featuring all seven friends from Duffy and Friends, will premiere on July 4 at Cape Cod Cook-Off in Tokyo DisneySea. This show is a heartwarming depiction of Duffy and his friends working together to throw a party, and their growing friendships. This new stage show will also mark the first appearance of three of Duffy’s friends — CookieAnn, ‘Olu Mel, and LinaBell — in a stage show at Tokyo DisneySea.

Bookings will be required for seats in the dining area with a view of the show, and a special hamburger set that comes with dessert will also be offered.

Show Details

Duffy and his friends prepare for a party by harnessing their respective strengths to draw pictures, make decorations and more. Although unexpected challenges arise along the way, the friends find a way to overcome them with ideas that match their personalities, allowing them to have a special party unique to each of the seven friends.

Cape Cod Cook-Off is hosted by Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Ltd.

Entertainment programs are subject to change or cancellation due to weather and other conditions. The number of performances each day is also subject to change.


Special Merchandise and Menu Items with Souvenir

From July 3 through September 6, “Duffy and Friends’ Summer Night Melodies” merchandise as well as menu items with a souvenir will be available in designs that depict Duffy and his friends enjoying the summer starry night sky.

Details will be announced as soon as they are determined
Special merchandise and menu items may change without notice.
In addition, merchandise and menu items may sell out or be discontinued during the event.

“Duffy and Friends’ Summer Night Melodies”
Concept image


For a limited period from July 3 through September 6, Cape Cod in American Waterfront will be adorned with decorations themed to “Duffy and Friends’ Summer Night Melodies.” Guests can have fun taking photos at a Photo Location that shows the seven friends enjoying summer in their own unique way, as well as a Photo Point where they can take a photo of their own Duffy and Friends’ plush toys placed on a hammock.

Additional Merchandise

On July 3, additional Duffy and Friends’ merchandise will be offered, including a shoulder bag featuring CookieAnn, the always curious dog who joined Duffy and Friends in 2019; and a hairband and shoulder bag featuring ‘Olu Mel, the music-loving turtle who joined in 2020.

With the sale of these merchandise items, hairbands and shoulder bags featuring all seven members of Duffy and Friends will now be available at Tokyo DisneySea. Guests can enjoy entertainment programs while wearing merchandise items of their favorite characters and take pictures at Photo Points to create everlasting summer memories with Duffy and Friends.

Regular merchandise
Concept image

Other Programs at Tokyo Disney Resort

Disney Hotels

Special menus will be offered at Disney Hotels for guests to enjoy. Guests will be able to make their stay at Tokyo Disney Resort even more memorable with these delectable menu items. At Disney Ambassador® Hotel, there will be a modified version of the “Tokyo Disney Resort 40th ‘Dream-Go-Round’” special menu. Guests can enjoy menu items with an original charm as well as special drinks that come with an original coaster. Over at Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta®, Silk Road Garden (Chinese cuisine) will offer “Chinese Tea Time” in conjunction with “Duffy and Friends’ Summer Night Melodies.” Both Oceano (Mediterranean cuisine) and BellaVista Lounge (lobby lounge) will offer a menu inspired by the new nighttime entertainment at Tokyo DisneySea, “Believe! Sea of Dreams

The contents of the special menus are subject to change without notice, and some menu items may be discontinued or sell out during the event.
Original merchandise items are in limited supply, and will only be available while the supply lasts.

Disney Resort Line

Day passes featuring motifs of “Duffy and Friends’ Summer Night Melodies” will be available at the ticket machines in each station.

Vacation Package Plan
Concept image

Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages

Tokyo Disney Resort will offer the perfect accommodations plan for children to create wonderful memories during their summer vacation. Included in this plan is the program in which children can experience being a Custodial Cast Member* at the Park. After the experience, children can receive a commemorative medal and have their picture taken, and then continue to enjoy the Park afterward. A variety of other plans will also be available for guests so they can enjoy summertime to the fullest.

*Custodial Cast Members are experts who keep the Park safe and clean.

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