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Pictures: Morning Views from the Hilton Tokyo Bay of the Tokyo Disney Resort

Up bright and early again, 5am on Sunday the 14th, bit better than yesterday.  Outside it is wet but not raining and the forecast says no rain for most of the day so we are planning to venture out later this morning for some sightseeing.   Here is a morning look at the Tokyo Disney Resort from the 11th floor of the Hilton.

wp 1684008839177
Starting off with a wide view.
wp 1684008839197
Zooming in a bit on the Fantasy Springs Hotel and beyond it Cinderella Castle
wp 1684008839213
A closer view of some of the Fantasy Springs work and Cinderella Castle
wp 1684008839258
The entry area for the Fantasy Springs Hotel
wp 1684008839294
The Fantasy Springs Hotel sign and driveway look ready to go.
wp 1684008839267
Just to the right is Bayside Station of the Tokyo Disney Resort Line
wp 1684008839311
To my right is the Tokyo Disney Toy Story Hotel

wp 1684008839286

wp 1684008839277
The play area in front of the Toy Story Hotel
wp 1684008839232
Looking out at the horizon
wp 1684008839222
Peter Pan area of Fantasy Springs
wp 1684008839241
Tomorrowland/Space Mountain project work
wp 1684008839249
The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel in the distance
wp 1684008839303
The Tokyo Disneyland parking structure

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