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Tokyo Disneyland 40th Anniversary Touring Drone Show (Info & Videos)

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland there is a drone show being performed at several fireworks festivals  various cities throughout Japan.  The show consists of 700 drones and features Disney movie and parks music.

Some recent/upcoming dates:

Host city Date/Time Festival
Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture Saturday, July 22,
around 19:30
Abekawa Fireworks Festival
Otaru, Hokkaido July 30 (Sun)
around 19:40
Otaru Ushio Festival
Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture August 5 (Saturday)
around 19:20
Ishinomaki River Opening Festival

Here is the official Tokyo Disney Resort Page for more info.

Tokyo Disney Resort is releasing a series of videos of the show.  First up the Peter Pan segment:

On August 5th they released the Tangled Segment:

On August 19th they released the Olaf Segment:

Here is a video of the full show I found on YouTube –


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