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Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket Changes (2023)

Hong Kong Disneyland Announces New 1-Day Ticket Option
Special offers will continue to be rolled out for locals and tourists

HONG KONG, September 19, 2023 – Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) today announced the addition of a new 1-Day ticket tier to its multi-tiered 1-Day park admission ticket structure and the renaming of the existing tiers of 1-Day tickets.

Under the new structure, prices for 1-Day tickets (Tier 1) remain unchanged for all ticket types as they have been for four consecutive years while the new 1-Day ticket (Tier 4), which is being introduced for the most popular days and seasons, will be set at HK$879 for General Admission (ages 12-64) and HK$659 for Child (ages 3-11).

“The resort is committed to continually launching new and amazing offerings and elevating the guest experience at HKDL, as our tickets continue to reflect great value,” said a spokesperson for Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. “Tiered-pricing structure is a common industry practice that effectively manages visits and market demand. Since inbound tourism resumed, we see strong demand among tourists from far and wide. The new 1-Day ticket (Tier 4) will help further spread demand and deliver better experiences to all guests.”

Details of the other types of 1-Day tickets are as follows:

  • Prices for 1-Day tickets (Tier 1) (formerly known as Regular Days tickets) remain unchanged at HK$639 for General Admission and HK$475 for Child.
  • Prices for 1-Day tickets (Tier 2) (formerly known as Peak Days tickets) will be HK$719 for General Admission and HK$539 for Child.
  • Prices for 1-Day tickets (Tier 3) (formerly known as Peak Plus Days tickets) will be HK$799 for General Admission and HK$599 for Child.
  • Prices for 1-Day senior tickets remain unchanged at HK$100 for all 1-Day ticket tiers as they have been for 12 consecutive years.
  • Eligible guests with disabilities will continue to receive a 30% discount on all 1-Day ticket tiers (excluding senior tickets).

While these changes will come into effect on September 20, 2023, special offers will be available for Hong Kong residents to purchase 1-Day tickets1 at current prices on and before November 15, 2023.

Additionally, under the resort’s Magic Access annual pass program:

  • Prices for adult memberships under the Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers will be HK$1,468, HK$2,558 and HK$4,678 respectively.
  • Prices for child memberships under the Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers will be HK$1,088, HK$1,818 and HK$3,368 respectively.
  • Prices for student memberships under the Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers will be HK$1,148, HK$1,918 and HK$3,558 respectively.
  • Prices for senior memberships remain unchanged as they have been for 12 consecutive years.

Special Magic Access Offers
The resort will provide various offers for guests to purchase Magic Access or renew their current membership* for eight weeks until November 15, 2023.

  • Existing Magic Access members can enjoy a renewal discount, saving up to HK$400 on new prices when renewing membership.
  • Hong Kong residents can purchase new Magic Access membership at current prices. *Offers not applicable to senior memberships or purchase of Magic Access Certificates.

Continuing to be a preferred option for guests who make multiple visits in a year, Magic Access provides significant value for HKDL fans. Along with year-round special offers, HKDL’s repeat guests will have a broad selection of options to choose from of when to visit the park.

Extension of JoyYou Senior Offer and Promotions for Locals
JoyYou card holders and Hong Kong residents aged 60 to 64 will be able to enjoy a special offer for another year until October 19, 2024. Eligible persons can continue to purchase 1-Day tickets at the special price of HK$100, the same as 1-Day senior tickets (for guests aged 65 and above). Additionally, HKDL will continue to launch an exciting range of ticket promotions and offers for local residents throughout the year.

Drawing International Visitors to Hong Kong
By continually introducing new attractions and offerings, HKDL is committed to strengthening Hong Kong’s appeal as an international tourist hub. The resort continues to support the local tourism industry as well as the local community. As part of its community commitment, HKDL donates tens of thousands of complimentary tickets and hosts numerous events for underrepresented communities every year.

With a dedicated team of 7,000 passionate cast members, HKDL will continue with its relentless efforts to bring magical experiences to both residents of Hong Kong and visitors from around the world.


Appendix – Hong Kong Disneyland Resort New Pricing:

1-Day Ticket (effective from September 20, 2023)

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4 (New)














Magic Access Annual Pass (effective from September 20, 2023)


Child / Student


Current Price

New Price

Current Price

New Child


New Student


Current Price

New Price

























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