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Pictures: Space Shuttle Endeavour, External Fuel Tank & Boosters @ California Science Center (10/21/23)

The California Science Center in Exposition Park has had the Space Shuttle Endeavour on display in a temporary building since October 30, 2012.     The shuttle will be on display until December 31 this year then it will be closed in preparation to move to its permanent home (which is being constructed on the opposite side of the museum).    I decided to take the opportunity today to see it one more time in its temporary location while in Exposition Park for the USC football game.   I have been lucky enough to see it several times in its temporary location as well as once on the pad at Kennedy Space Center.

I also was able to see the Space Shuttle Discover on display at the Smithsonian.  I have yet to see the Space Shuttle Atlantis which is on display at Kennedy Space Center and the Enterprise which is at the Intrepid Sea, Air + Space Museum.

Once moved the shuttle will be displayed in vertical position with the external fuel and solid rocket boosters, as it would have been on the pad for launch.   The construction for the final home of Endeavour is well underway and the preparations are underway to start stacking the shuttle in the new building.   On October 11, 2023 the two large solid rocket booster casing arrived on site.  To learn more about the new display here is the official California Science Center Go For Stack page

Here are some pictures from today:


The California Science Center has no admission fee for the main galleries including the Space Shuttle.  Only the IMAX and special visiting collections have a charge.   The center is open daily from 10am to 5pm.


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