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Pictures & Video: A Morning Visit to EPCOT

Spent my final morning at EPCOT.  Here are some pictures and video from my quick visit –

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wp 1702407259001

wp 1702407259014

wp 1702407259026

wp 1702407259038

wp 1702407259048

wp 1702407259060

wp 1702407259086

wp 1702407259102

While walking through World Celebration Gardens noticed the background Music was not playing this morning


wp 1702407259148

wp 1702407259165

wp 1702407259178

wp 1702407259192

wp 1702407259202

wp 1702407259213

wp 1702407259225

wp 1702407259235


For more pictures, videos, thoughts & observations from this visit be sure to check out our Walt Disney World December 2023 Trip Summary Page for links.

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