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Pictures: Ko Olina Lounge at HNL

If you stay at a Ko Olina Resort, like Aulani, you can book a time slot in the Ko Olina lounge at HNL. It is included/free. The lounge offers a nice air conditioned place to sit. They have snacks and beverages available for purchase. We were offered coffee, tea or water. There are also restrooms. You can choose a two hour time block starting at 11am. We choose the 11am-1pm block because our original flight time was 1:16pm. By the time we received notification of the delay the 1:00pm – 3:00pm block was full. We stopped by just after noon and spent about an hour in the lounge. When we arrived there was one other family there and they left so we had the place to ourselves for 30 min or so before the next group arrived. We left just past 1pm (they did not seem strict on the time since there was no one there but we opted to leave and go eat).

2024 02 23 121306
The Ko Olina Lounge is located in the Hawaiian Gardens on the lower level.
2024 02 23 120852
If you have not walked around the gardens at HNL here is a quick look before entering the lounge.
2024 02 23 121442
The doorway, you ring a bell and someone lets you in.

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2024 02 23 124305
Inside there are chairs with chargers and tables.

2024 02 23 123157

2024 02 23 130028

2024 02 23 121732
The view from my table.

2024 02 23 125852

2024 02 23 122018wa

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