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Summer at Tokyo Disney Resort

20240424 01eURAYASU, CHIBA— Tokyo Disney Resort® will present a variety of Get Soaked Programs from July 2 through September 18 for guests to have a fun-filled summer. Guests will also be able to enjoy a selection of summer-themed merchandise and refreshing chilled menu items to stay cool during the hot summer days.

Along the parade route at Tokyo Disneyland® Park, the Get Soaked Program, “Baymax’s Mission: Cool Down,” will be presented, featuring Baymax, the personal healthcare companion robot from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Big Hero 6. The program aims to raise the “energy levels” of guests by spraying them with even more water than the previous year. Furthermore, “Splash Mountain ‘Get Soaked MAX’” will delight guests with a special version of the attraction. Additionally, Toontown will feature “‘Get Soaked’ Toontown,” with Get Soaked spots scattered throughout the area again this summer.

Moreover, the Country Bear Theater attraction will present the special summer version, “Vacation Jamboree,” for the first time in five years, from May 17 through November 7.

At Tokyo DisneySea® Park, the Aquatopia attraction will offer its “Aquatopia ‘Get Soaked’ Version.” And at both parks, cast members carrying barrels of water will spray guests with cool mist in “‘Get Soaked’ Time.” Guests will also be able to enjoy an array of “cool” menus, T-shirts and more at Tokyo Disney Resort this summer.

Disney Ambassador® Hotel will also serve special menus depicting Mickey Mouse and his friends enjoying summer. Additionally, the Disney Resort Line will offer day passes with special designs.

Guests at Tokyo Disney Resort can look forward to a multitude of summer programs that offer both a refreshing escape from the heat and the chance to create unforgettable memories.

Get Soaked Programs

Tokyo Disneyland

20240424 01e 02Splash Mountain “Get Soaked MAX”

The attraction Splash Mountain, where guests ride a log boat that inevitably drops down a 16-meter-high waterfall, will present “Splash Mountain ‘Get Soaked MAX’” again this year. During this limited-period, there will be an additional effect with more water being sprayed to make the drop even more exhilarating, allowing guests to enjoy both the coolness of the water and the thrill of the drop.

– Splash Mountain is presented by Kao Corporation.


Get Soaked Entertainment Program

Baymax’s Mission: Cool Down

Location: Parade Route
Duration: About 35 minutes
Performances: 3 daily
Number of Floats: 2

In this fun entertainment program presented along the parade route, Baymax, the personal healthcare companion robot from Disney Animation film Big Hero 6, protects guests from the summer heat again this year. In the program, Baymax is entrusted with the mission of raising the “energy levels” of guests and searches for areas in need of a cool down while spraying guests with mist. When an area with “low energy levels” is detected, the float stops and guests can enjoy a refreshing spritz of water to up-beat, lively music. This year, trailers equipped with water have been added behind each float, increasing the amount of water sprayed.

20240424 01e 03“Get Soaked” Toontown

Fun spots where guests can get soaked will pop up around Toontown again this year. The Trolley Barn at Jolly Trolley will feature cool mist and spraying water, and Toontown Fire Department and Fireworks Factory will spout more water than ever before. Guests will be able to enjoy the hot summer months with these water-splashing spots.

  • For safety reasons, guests including children are requested to refrain from experiencing these programs in bare feet or swimsuits, or while removing their clothes.

  • Toontown is presented by Kodansha Ltd.


Tokyo DisneySea

20240424 01e 04Aquatopia

The limited-period special version “Aquatopia ‘Get Soaked’ Version” will return to Aquatopia, an attraction where guests can enjoy the unpredictable movements of an automated water vehicle. This summer, the cast members are excitedly awaiting the challenge of providing guests with a fun “get soaked” experience.

– Aquatopia will be an eligible Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass experience during this limited-period summer program.


Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo DisneySea

“Get Soaked” Time

“Get Soaked” Time will take place again, following its launch last year. To energize guests during the hot summer months, cast members with barrels of water will be walking around for those who want to be sprayed with cool and refreshing mist.

Each of the Get Soaked Programs are subject to change or cancellation depending on circumstances.

In the Get Soaked Programs, guests’ faces, clothes, shoes, etc. may be exposed to a large amount of water.
Please take care not to let your electronic devices, such as smartphones, get soaked, and put them in your bag or pocket.

Summer-Themed Merchandise and Menu Items

Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo DisneySea

Summer-themed Merchandise

A fresh lineup of merchandise will be offered at both parks, including apparel items such as t- shirts. Additionally, “SuiSui Summer” themed merchandise will be available from June 13th. Guests can immerse themselves in the essence of summer and enjoy coordinating their outfits as they explore Tokyo Disney Resort.

“Cool” Menu Items

Refreshing menu items to help guests forget the summer heat will be sold at the parks. At Tokyo Disneyland, a new flavor of the classic shaved ice will be available. These treats come in two varieties and are generously topped with fruit, making them visually appealing and providing a cool and enjoyable treat for the summer. At Tokyo DisneySea, a Chilled Churro (Crème Brûlée) will make its debut. With a crispy exterior and a chewy texture on the inside, guests will be able to savor this chilled version of a churro. Additionally, each park will be serving chilled noodles that offer a refreshing taste, cold thirst-quenching drinks, and menus accompanied by “SuiSui Summer” inspired souvenirs that capture the essence of summer.

The date when the menu items become available will vary.

Merchandise items and the contents of the special menu items may change without notice. In addition, merchandise and menu items may sell out or be discontinued during the event


Other Offerings

20240424 01e 05Country Bear Theater “Vacation Jamboree”

Country Bear Theater is an attraction at Tokyo Disneyland where eighteen charismatic bears with unique personalities entertain guests with a humorous country and western performance. From May 17 through November 7, Country Bear Theater will feature the special summer version, “Vacation Jamboree,” for the first time in five years. Guests can enjoy a cheerful vacation as they join these lively and fun-loving bears in an unforgettable experience.

Country Bear Theater is presented by House Foods Corporation.


Disney Hotels

From July 1 through August 31, all restaurants at Disney Ambassador Hotel will be serving special summery menus with a “SuiSui Summer” theme. These menus feature visually “cool” and refreshing dishes that are perfect for the hot season, including shaved ice and tarts made with tropical fruit. Furthermore, select menu items will come with hotel-exclusive charms and coasters.

The contents of the special menus are subject to change without notice, and some menu items may be discontinued or sell out during the event.
Charms and coasters are in limited supply, and will only be available while the supply lasts.

20240424 01e 06Disney Resort Line

Day passes with “SuiSui Summer” designs will be available at the ticket machines in each station.

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