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Interesting Internet Finds… TV Shows?

Hello all,

A couple of internet links/stories to share today..

  • Any thoughts on Disney’s announcement to release ABC shows on the internet the day after they are broadcast? This was hinted at during the annual meeting several weeks ago but the announcement yesterday formalized it. Click here to read the release.
  • As many of you know Disney and Discovery Channel have teamed up to promote the opening of Expedition Everest this week with several new shows debuting across the Discovery Channels. The first one aired Sunday and was titlte Expedition Everest Journey to Sacred Lands. The second aired Monday evening and was titled Building a Thrill Ride: Expedition Everest. The official website for this is (click here)
  • Oops.. yesterday I saw Yahoo news listed the earnings call for Tuesday but its Tuesday May 9th the 2nd Quarter earnings will be out.. sorry for the confusion.

Any thoughts on any of these shows or links? I will post mine later…


One thought on “Interesting Internet Finds… TV Shows?

  • I promised some of my comments on the two shows that aired earlier this week.

    I found the first one, Journey to Sacred Lands to be a Joe Rhode travel log. I thought it was great seeing how the real locations inspired and translated to the WDW attraction. Also I thought learning about the various peoples and legends of the yeti were interesting.

    The second show on creating the attraction was much more interesting to me.. as an engineer and a disneygeek it combined the two things I enjoy most. As with all Disney shows I enjoy I really would have liked to have seen more.. a two hour show instead of one hour would have been great and allowed for more time on elements.. but beggers cannot be choosers right. This was a really interesting show.

    The third show which debuts tonight will focus on the animals.. I find this really weird.. considering the attraction has no live animals. It would have been really great if they would have combined an animal enclosure or two into the new area to give those of us who do not ride thrill rides something to experience besides a queue. I really wish Disney would keep those in mind who do not go on these types of attractions or are under the height restriction. Here’s a good trivia question.. what are the last two E-Ticket attractions not to have a height restriction? And let’s take it a step further what’s the last E-ticket attraction with no restrictions (for example pregnant women or people with back problems shouldn’t ride). Anyone know?? I do…. and guess what they are still draw long lines and tens of thousands of guests per day!



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