Two Interesting Disney Related Web-finds

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Wow its been a long time since I posted a blog update… as you know we have been really busy with Disneyland Resort updates and just have not found time to write and share some of the interesting finds.. so today I am going to play some catch-up and share some thoughts as well as interesting Disney web finds.. please feel free to reply with your comments for all to see or drop us a line with comments or other interesting things we should check out. I am sure there are several I have forgotten, but these were on the top of my list…

1) Disneyland and Walt Disney World Podcasts. We posted the press releases but have not really commented on the podcasts. I think they are fairly good. I enjoy parts of them and find them worth listening to for the most part. For those of you unfamiliar with the term.. podcasts can be thought of as radio broadcasts.. (except for video podcasts which are mini videos). Anyways I have found them to be a great source of information and some of the Imagineer interviews have been my favorites. The February Disneyland one features a “ride through” of Pirates talking about the upcoming changes. And there were several WDW ones that focused on Expedition Everest (even a couple video podcasts so you could ride along or see the promotion in New York). We think this is a great use of technology and we really enjoy listening.

The Disneyland Podcast is monthly (
The WDW Podcast is weekly (every thursday –
Both are also available through iTunes.

2) Speaking of Everest I was playing around with Microsofts Satellite imaging website that launched several weeks which is part of the new site. As many of you know the old terraserver was fun to see WDW but the resolution was not that good. Then came Google Earth which had about half the property in fairly good resolution and half not. Now with you can use something called a “birds eye view” which consists of photos with resolution of about 20 yards taken from aircraft not satellites. The resolution is awesome. Anyways back to my point. I was looking through the system and went through Animal Kingdom and there is a great shot of Everest under construction (appears to have been taken about the middle of last year, just a guess looking at the progress compared to when I was there last May).

Here are some Interesting Disney places to check out:

  • Expedition Everest
  • Anyone know what this extra elephant area is on the savanna? I did not know this existed… the one I am talking about is behind the area the trucks go through and connects to the elephant barn Click here
  • Disneyland (if you go South to look at DCA this is pre Tower and Bugsland so its much older than WDWs shots).
  • Also check out the sub lagoon before the Finding Nemo Rehab began..



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