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Disneyland’s 50th

Hello all,

We spend the day (well 13 hours of the day) at the Disneyland Resort yesterday, 7/17 the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. Later tonight I will post a pictorial update as well as some initial thoughts from the day. Here is a quick run down and some first thoughts:

1) Arrived at the M&F a little before 7am, parking was a breeze, no lines and got a great spot.

2) Arrived at DD a couple minutes latter and joined the line (which started right at the tram exit, when down toward the security check points, made a u-turn and went all the way through Downtown Disney, out to the monorail and turned around again to head back to the security tents.. wow what a line. Worked my way through the line and into the park by 8:30am.

3) Took a quick walk around the park to see how it looked and how the crowd was in front of me. It appears everyone either ran to get a spot for the 10am ceremony or are in line for merchandise. No real lines for attractions. Walked on Dumbo and Mr. Toad.

4) Queued up for the ceremony around 9am, not a good spot but it would be ok.. the show started a little later, closer to 5 after 10am. It consisted of a brief speech from Art Linkletter, Bob Iger, Michael Eisner, and Arnold.

5) Took the Virtual Magic Kingdom tour in the afternoon, which was a nice FREE tour.

6) The 4:45 dedication replay was a nice touch

7) The crowd seemed to peak around 11am or so and then dwindle as the day went on. It felt like a regular summer day by late afternoon and maybe even a bit lighter by early evening. We left around 8pm so not sure how large of a crowd lasted till the fireworks.

More thoughts and picutres later.


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