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Disney Shareholder Meeting Webcast

Tuesday 3/13 is the Walt Disney Company Annual Shareholders meeting. The session was webcast live starting at 8am PST/11EST at: and a replay will be available until March 28th.

So what did you all think? As far as Disney Shareholder meetings go this seemed to be average to me. I am still disappointed that a media company does not opt to have video and/or slides in their webcast. It was audio only again this year. The business portion of the meeting included no new or interesting announcements to me. When talking about the parks Cars Land was mentioned but not Buena Vista Street in the initial comments.

The question and answer session is usually the most interesting because Disney shareholders are usually Disney fans and they ask some really odd questions. This year they covered everything from parking prices at Disneyland (Bob Iger said he would look into it) to Avatarland at Disneys Animal Kingdom (it is still on and in the early planning stages.. they said look for something in 2015). There was also a question about Tomorrowland at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, it was acknowledged to be on the list of potential projects.

Surprisingly this year there was not the traditional Song of the South question. Hard to believe! Also no one asked about free park tickets, does that mean they passed them out to those in attendance like they used to?

What stuck out to you as you listened? If you had had a shot at a question what would you ask?

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