Bob Gurr Book & VIP Party Coming in May

May 19th there will be a VIP Tiki Themed party to celebrate Bob Gurr’s work and the release of his book: “Design: Just for Fun”. I am sure all you disneygeeks out there know the name, but in case you do not Bob is a Disney Legend and was responsible for just about anything that moved during Disneyland’s early years. This ranged from the Autopia Cars to the Monorail. Later in his career he worked on non Disney projects including King Kong for Universal Studios and the Pirate show at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. The book covers these and more and will be a limited print run of 2,000 copies. The first 1,000 will be signed and feature a red cover that will be numbered then there will be a blue cover for the rest of the run.

Here is an image of the covers:

For information on the party visit their official site here:

For more information or to pre-order the book here is their site:

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  • We’re gonna have some fun alright. Be sure to dress for Tiki style. Love to see you’all. Books are coming soon…middle of May.


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