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Annual Passholder MagicBand Delivery

Today my MagicBand collection doubled. In the mail I received my Annual Passholder MagicBand. It came in a box equal in size to the Resort Magic Bands but instead of featuring the Incredibles it is a picture of Mickey’s wrist with a MagicBand.

Annual Passholder MagicBand box

Once you opened the box you find your MagicBand as well as a card to use for your discounts and a MagicSlider showing you are a 2014 annual passholder. The gold color indicates I have parking with my pass. There is no indication on the card of the type of pass I have on the card. In order to use the discount/parking card it says you need a valid photo ID too.

Annual Passholder MagicBand contents

There is also an instruction page explaining about the MagicBand and some general info about Fastpass+ and the myDisneyExperience app. Also a lot of on the back about RFID and your privacy.

Annual Passholder MagicBand instructions

Here is the back of the info page if you want to read more:

Annual Passholder MagicBand instruction card back

My 1st Impressions:

  • I found it odd that in the instructions for Premiere Passholders it says to keep your Premiere Pass for parking and discounts, so I guess I can use either the new card or my regular pass. Premiere Passes still need to be issued for Disneyland which makes sense. Wonder why WDW does not let you use your MagicBand for the discounts and parking.. why the expense of issuing a second card guests have to carry. That seems like more of a hassle for the guest and cost for Disney. Is this just temporary until the computer system catches up? I would rather just have a single card. Why the need for the band?
  • We have three annual passholders in my household and we all ordered on the same day. They are shipping them all separate for some reason and two of the three turned up today. Seems like they should have combined all in a given household. Again this seems to just be adding to the overall cost of the program to generate three orders, three boxes, and three shipping costs.. Multiply this by the number of passholder households and seems to me it is going to add up. All three of us have the same address, ordered the same day, and have linked myDisneyExperience accounts. The only difference is expiration dates.. two are the same and mine is different.
  • I am curious how this will work in the long run. I currently have two MagicBands.. one from my December trip and now the Annual Passholder one. And in a few weeks a third one is expected to ship for my spring WDW trip. This seems extremely redundant too and not cost effective to keep issuing new MagicBands on each stay and for each type of pass. So when I renew my pass in a couple of months will I get another, my guess is yes.
  • The MagicSlider is bordering on annoying. Due to my wrist size it seems to either be on the bottom or off to the side if the goal is to center Mickey’s face where you would normally have a watch face. I do not see myself putting this on. Seems like just something else to irritate my wrist/arm. It is nice they recognized annual passholders in some way. I would have liked to have seen a unique color or design instead.

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