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Aladdin Now On Blu-ray & DisneyMoviesAnywhere (Jason’s 1st Impressions)

Aladdin Blu-ray CoverI always ask for more when it comes to bonus material and with the Diamond Edition of Aladdin Disney has delivered. It starts with the bonus features that were on the platinum edition DVD and builds on them with new ones. It includes the full range of material in A Diamond in the Rough: the Making of Aladdin. New for this release are a couple tributes to Robin Williams. First up, Genie 101 a guide to the impressions the Genie does. Also an over 8 minute piece showcasing some of the Genie Outtakes. Interesting no video of Robin Williams, instead it features sketches and concept art to go with them. There is an unboxing video done by a Disney Channel’s Joey Bragg which if you can make it through the piece features some of the cameos (Ron & John, Sebastian, and the Beast) and even hidden Mickeys. There is also a 20 minute piece on bringing Aladdin to Broadway. The DisneyMoviesAnywhere exclusive for this release is a deleted song titled “My Finest Hour”.

I watched the film on blu-ray and then switched over to DisneyMoviesAnyWhere for the bonus material. Due to the large amount of material and each component of A Diamond In the Rough having its own video this was a cumbersome interface and was not as clean as others. There is no hierarchy to navigate through and it is very “flat” which is not ideal. I think it would have worked better if the videos had more groups or if some were combined.

Aladdin DVD & Blu-ray Discs
The new Diamond Edition Blu-ray release and the previous Platinum Edition DVD release

It is really hard to believe Aladdin was released back in 1992, 23 years ago. The film continues to age well and is just as entertaining to re-watch today as it was back in theaters in the 90s. If you are like me the question with each new release is should I buy it in this format since I already own it several times. I have the VHS and one or two DVD versions already of Aladdin. Having the film in high definition blu-ray and online plus the large amount of bonus material make this a selection worth considering for your collection.

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