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​Disneyland Star Wars Construction Check (8/5)

This post has a quick check of the Star Wars preparations at Disneyland taken with my cell phone. For more pictures visit my full picture sets and/or our construction progress section.

A check of the site from the Mickey and Friends parking structure. To start off with a video clip from the garage:


20160805 125546 wm

The area nearest the parking structure.

20160805 125948 wm

A look across the site starting on the left/north side.  The mound of dirt continues to shrink.

20160805 130006 wm

More steel i-beams have been installed.  Dirt is continuing to be moved around.

20160805 130010 wm

A temporary office is now in the middle of the site.20160805 130012 wm

More forms and walls going in

20160805 130014 wm

A closer look at what

20160805 130017 wm

20160805 130020 wm

Toward the Hungry Bear

20160805 125606 wm

Back to the middle of the site

20160805 130426 wm 1


20160805 130428 wm

A closer look at the wall along the Big Thunder Trail

20160805 125601 1 wm

A look at the Big Thunder Trail area

20160805 161700 wm

20160805 161706 wm

20160805 161726 wm

From Critter Country near the canoe dock.

20160805 163124 wm

20160805 163131 wm

20160805 163134 wm

20160805 163136 wm

20160805 163141 wm

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