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Color by Disney App Now Available for Mobile Devices (Daynah’s Review)

disney colorA new adult coloring book app has arrived, filled with wonderful Disney artwork for you to relax, color, and make masterpieces with.

When you open the app, there is a wide variety of artwork to select from – Madalas, Patterns, Simple, Villains, specific movie artwork, and much more. Once you select an artwork to color, tap on a spot and color fills the area. With the touch of your finger, you can complete a whole artwork within minutes while relaxing music plays in the background. Pinch and zoom to really fill out those intricate details.

By default, the color fill paints your selection with your selected color, but you can also change the coloring tool to be crayon, markers, color pencils, stone, glitter, metallics, and more. As for colors, palettes of inspired colors are available, as well as shades and gradients. There are over 500 colors to choose from.

disney color artNew artwork and content arrives every week (usually 6 new coloring pages). You have a few options for purchasing in this app. You can subscribe on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis for $2.99, $7.99, or $39.99. You can test out the app with the one free artwork, but you will have only one palette of colors to use.

Daughter’s Reaction

My 5-year-old daughter really enjoyed the app. For the first few days, she would sit curled up on the couch coloring a lot of pages. It was very easy to use as I only showed her the basics of how it works. She enjoyed it even more when I showed her how to pinch and zoom to color in more detail. She started selecting pages with more intricate details after that. Once she was done, she would happily show me her finished work and talk about the character(s) in the image and why she colored it the way she did. I asked her what she liked most about the app and she said, “I love it because it is fun and I can make beautiful pictures.”


I found the app really relaxing and fun to use. Adult coloring books have become really popular, but I never found time to sit down and color them. Having coloring pages in an app is quite convenient and allows me to color casually when I have a minute or two to spare. Depending on how intricate the artwork I select, I can complete pieces within a few minutes or so. I also love that my daughter enjoys using it just as much as me. It gives her time to just slow down, and just be creative.

The app is great and I would recommend it, but I find the price point a little bit steep. You can try it out for free, but there is only one artwork of Ursula to test. You can also subscribe on a weekly basis for $2.99 which will allow you to download all the artwork up until the current week you subscribe to. You can also pay monthly for $7.99, or a yearly subscription for $39.99. It gets rather expensive for an app you would use casually.


Sample Artwork

Here are some sampe masterpieces that I created with the app:

Game Play

Here is how the app works.



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