Ellie in Concert by Mike Wu – Daynah’s Review

The zoo has been back in business and the animals are more energetic than ever since Ellie saved her home with all her wonderful paintings in the first book. As she looks around, she sees her friend Lucy the giraffe looking very unhappy because she has not slept in a very long time due to all the noise. She was determined to help Lucy. Ellie tried to tone down the noise and organize the animals into an orchestra. Will she succeed? Is it possible to rearrange this hodgepodge of animal sounds into music?

Daughter’s Reaction

My 5-year-old daughter really enjoyed the story and the beautiful images in this book. She loved that Ellie was trying to help her friend Lucy get some sleep. Friendship is important to her at this age, so stories about that subject means a lot to her.


This book had the theme of friendship and determination that I enjoyed very much. I am also a big fan of picture books, and Mike Wu did not disappoint. The illustrations are painted in beautiful watercolors. I also really love the music notes painted in front and back pages of the book. This is a beautiful story that I enjoyed reading to my daughters.

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