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Night Night Groot – Book Review

Night, Night Groot
Night Night, Groot:
 Written by Brendan Deneen, Illustrated by Cale Atkinson (Marvel $12.99 US)

Baby Groot is off to bed in this lullaby type book. However before he can get some rest Rocket takes him on one last adventure before he falls asleep. The adventure consists of a large selection of Marvel characters such as The Hulk, Thor, Dr. Strange, and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy fighting off bad guys. Each page has a lullaby-esque sentence on it as well as dialogue balloons about their adventure.

Teri’s Take:

I enjoyed reading Night Night, Groot and consider it to be a two for one awesome story book.  Right now my son is under one and I was able to read him the lullaby-esque sentences while we looked at the entertaining images.  Once he gets older I will be able to add in the dialogue balloons to keep him wanting to read it. This book is definitely something that we will be reading with our son for years to come.


Lover of all things Disney since I was a child and with a new child of my own, excited to experience everything through his eyes.

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