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Disneyland Walls/Projects – Pictures from 1/26

There are several projects underway around Disneyland. Since my last visit artwork has been added to them. Starting off on Main Street USA with the horse drawn street car track replacement.

20180126 162639 wm

It appears the track and concrete around the hub has been removed and they are ready to lay the new track.

20180126 162704 wm

20180126 162647 wm

This where the line splits to go toward the firehouse and backstage.

20180126 162806 wm

The walls now feature some signs and artwork.

20180126 162941 wm

20180126 162552 wm

In the hub they added directional signage to help guests.

20180126 163413 wm

20180126 163220 wm

20180126 175525 wm

t’s a small world is closed for removal of the holiday overlay and they are making a tweak to the parade route in the area to better accomodate the queue.

20180126 163833 wm 1

20180126 163819 wm

20180126 163807 wm

20180126 164035 wm

The Dumbo walls now feature artwork and attraction posters from Anaheim, Orlando, Tokyo and Hong Kong.  Nothing from Paris or Shanghai.

20180126 165345 wm

20180126 165348 wm

20180126 165350 wm

20180126 165450 wm

20180126 165432 wm

20180126 165425 wm 1

20180126 165409 wm

The walls have been pushed out and block the walkway now.. so you have to walk around.

20180126 165826 wm

20180126 165509 wm

20180126 165817 wm

Splash Mountain is closed for annual renovation and a small wall is near the start of the queue.

20180126 171151 wm

20180126 171155 wm

20180126 171202 wm

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  • Surprising to me that no one at Disney noticed the spelling error on the second of the horse drawn street car signs, “thorough” should be “through”.


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