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World of Disney at Disneyland – Reimagined Store Now Open (several pictures)

The World of Disney in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort opened this morning. Here are some pictures from a walk through this afternoon.  All three entrances feature the same marquee.. no characters have returned, just this new logo.

The backstory for the location starts with the facility being a former bus station where tour buses departed from.  So there are some references to this throughout.

The story goes on to say that the space was used for Disney animation at one point too so there are references to animation and the nine old men, such as this backdrop featuring ink behind a set of registers.

The artwork behind the registers comes to life.  Here is a video clip of one sequence:


There are several displays that feature projects, such as this giant set of mouseears and logo on the ground.

A look through the central walkway.

The center of the store is set up for the Holidays right now.

Another projection nearest the door by the parks.

Here is the projection in motion:


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