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Geek’s Blog Postings Recap January 6 – 20, 2020


A listing of recent posts to the Geek’s Blog @ disneygeek.com, disneygeek.com posts & Disney Press Releases.

Recent Picture Set & Review Posts to the Geek’s Blog @ disneygeek.com:

Walt Disney World Trip Summary (December 10-17)

Disneyland Paris Trip Summary (November 11-20)

Geek’s Blog Postings Recap December 9, 2019 – January 6, 2020

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Recent Posts to disneygeek.com

  • 01.19.20 – Geek Speaks: My thoughts & observations from Friday at the Disneyland Resort
  • 01.18.20 – Park Miles: My trip log from Friday at the Disneyland Resort.
  • 01.18.20 – Disneyland Resort Pictures: Pictures from Friday 1/17 featuring a first look at the Lunar New Celebration, Rise of the Resistance opening day and a check of the ongoing projects.
  • 01.17.20 – The Geek’s Blog: This afternoon/evening I plan to visit the Disneyland Resort. Stop by the blog for picture posts as I explore the parks.
  • 01.16.20 – Geeks Blog: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opens Friday @ Disneyland. Here are my posts on the attractions including pictures, thoughts & observations from experiencing the attraction at WDW as well as Disney Press Releases.
  • 01.14.20 – Disneyland Paris Pictures: Day 8 – My final day in the parks includes visits to both parks and a last look at the entertainment and other sights.
  • 01.12.20 – Geeks Blog: Today posted a description/overview and my thoughts and observations from my Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Experiences at Walt Disney World in December.
  • 01.11.20 – Disneyland Paris Pictures: Today I posted my full picture sets from Day 7 (11/18) – Mickey’s 91st Birthday including a birthday sing along and Illuminations preshow to mark the occasion. Plus Frozen: A Musical Invitation and the Studio Tram Tour.
  • 01.10.20 – Disneyland Paris Pictures: Today posted my full picture & video set form Day 6 (11/17) featuring a visit to both parks including a sunny Molly Brown Cruise, Disney’s Christmas Parade, Stars On Parade and Mickey’s Christmas Lights.
  • 01.09.20 – Construction Progress: Updated with pictures of the Avengers Campus & Parking Structure Elevator Projects from Friday 1/3.






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