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Book Review: Frozen 2 – One for the Books

Due to the on-going pandemic, I have my two daughters (ages 4 & 8 years old) at home, doing distance learning combined with homeschooling while I am balancing working from home. We enjoy discovering new books to read and discuss. I have received several Disney Books from my Fall Homeschool Reading List and will be sharing reviews of them. Here is my Fall 2020 Children’s Disney Book list.

Frozen 2: One for the BooksFrozen II: One for the Books – As we learned in Frozen II, Olaf has learned to read and it has become one of his favorite things to do. He frequents the Arendelle library to read about interesting facts. On one visit, he and Anna discover that the librarian was going out of town for a few days and plans to close the library while he is away. This made the two of them very sad. But Anna had a brilliant idea for a substitute librarian. Who better to fill take on the job than Olaf?!

The sweet and huggable snowman shares his joy for books with the children of Arendelle. He leaves the library in a much different state than which he found it in. Will Odvaar the librarian mind the new changes? Or will a warm hug from Olaf fix everything?

Daughter’s Reaction

I read this book out loud to my two daughters and they both really enjoyed it. My older daughter, who always has her nose in a book, thought the story was very relatable to her. She enjoys going to bookstores and libraries and hearing all the fun new facts about animals and seeing the children all interested in books made her really happy. My younger daughter loved it as well, especially with her new interest in reading books. She is familiar with the main characters (Anna and Olaf), which help to engaged her in the story even more. We talked about the fun illustrations in the book and what was happening in the story.


Seeing the delight in my daughters’ faces when I first read this story was a treat. They wanted me to read it to them a few times too, which was surprising. Stories that have to with Frozen and the love of books is a guarantee hit in this house. I enjoyed the details of the images throughout the book that accompanied a very sweet story. To start, as you open the front cover of the book, there is an illustration of a pocket holder with a check-out card in it. The illustrations are nicely detailed, as you would expect for a book about life in Arendelle. This book makes a nice gift for a child who enjoys Frozen and is appropriate for ages 3 – 8.

Frozen II One For the Books is written by John Edwards and Illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team.

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