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Book Review: Holiday Magic at the Disney Parks

Holiday Magic at the Disney ParksHoliday Magic at the Disney Parks – Celebrations Around the World form Fall to Winter takes you on a globetrotting and time traveling look at the Disney Parks.   There are almost 1,900 images filling the 384 pages of this hefty book.   These primarily chronicle the history of Halloween and Christmas at the 12 Disney Parks, numerous Resorts and four Cruise Ships around the globe.  Other holidays such as fall festivals, Lunar New Year and New Year are included too. In addition to the images Graham Allan, Rebecca Cline, and Charlie Price have a narrative that shares relevant dates, backstories, and history of the events, decorations and festivities.

When I first heard about this book it was on the top of my interest list.   I really enjoy visiting the parks during the holidays and have been lucky enough to visit a majority of them during both seasons over the years.  I had high expectations going in and the book lived up to them.  This is a coffee table sized book weighing in at over 7lbs, and 10.5×13.3 inches in length/width and 1.5 inches thick.  Most of the images in the book were taken during the 2018 & 2019 seasons specifically for the book and they are augmented with historical shots.   I was very appreciative of the large format of the book, even the small pictures were an ok size.  I was really pleased to see the balance with the international parks.  So many books on the parks do not include or only mention the international parks and this one integrates and highlights them.

As I read through the book it brought back a lot of memories as I have had the opportunity to experience and see first hand many of the decorations and events that are discussed.   A vast majority of the pictures taken for the book were taken during park hours and from a guest perspective.    So you just may have similar images in your photos sets, I know I do.   Having these all captured in a book is great!  I really enjoyed the comparison shots both from parks around the world as well as over the years.  For example the park entrance displays of the various Magic Kingdom parks or the Main Street Christmas trees of the various parks.

If I were to nitpick a missed opportunity would be a more comprehensive set of listings would be nice.  The narrative does chronicle many of the event opening and closing dates but seeing these presented as lists of some type would be easier to reference and more complete.  A more detailed listing of Candlelight Narrators for example would be a nice value add.    Another opportunity for more exploration that jumped out to me was character costumes.  The shows, parades, etc.. throughout the book do show the characters but a chapter more specifically looking at the various outfits/costumes they wore over the years around the world would have been really interesting to see.  Also me being the geek that I am I would always like to see more comparison shots.  There are quite a few but for example I would have really liked to have seen all the Haunted Mansion Gingerbread houses (they do have pictures of most of them).

If you are a fan of Disney Parks and the Holidays,  “Holiday Magic at the Disney Parks – Celebrations Around the World form Fall to Winter” will make a great addition to your library.    I enjoyed reliving the seasons and years past and look forward to re-reading the book again.

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