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Book Review: Princess Power

Due to the on-going pandemic, I have my two daughters (ages 4 & 8 years old) at home, doing distance learning combined with homeschooling while I am balancing working from home. We enjoy discovering new books to read and discuss. I have received several Disney Books from my Fall Homeschool Reading List and will be sharing reviews of them. Here is my Fall 2020 Children’s Disney Book list.

Disney Princess Power by Natalie Davis, Illustrated by Eda Kaban

Princess PowerSometimes, all it takes to face your fears is a little bit of Princess Power! In this story, a little young girl wakes up for her first day of school and has no idea what is in stored for her. She stood in front of the mirror and asked herself, “What would a princess do?” Mulan inspired her to be brave and be ready for anything. Belle encouraged her to use her imagination. Cinderella showed her how to make new friends, both humans and animals. Moana inspired her to learn how skills at school.

By bringing her courage, kindness, and creativity to the classroom, this young girl would be able to find the strength within herself to rule the first day of school, just like a princess!

Daughters’ Reaction

My daughters loved the story. Each page has a beautiful illustration of the young girl throughout her day at school. My younger daughter pointed to the girl and said, is that me? My girls identified with the protagonist in the story because representation matters, and I think this is conveyed throughout the entire story. If the children can see it, they can be it.


Both of my daughters are familiar with the Disney princesses, so they really enjoyed this book. The story was empowering and showed them that they could do anything as long as they put their minds to. My favorite part of the book was when the young girl was inspired to be kind like Snow White, and the page showed the girl helping each of her classmates — from picking up a classmate’s fallen books, putting a band-aid on an injured friend, and even sharing an treat.

As a mother of two girls, I think it is very important to have stories that empower young girls to be brave, kind, creative, to be persistent, and to find strength within themselves to be all they can be. When they see themselves represented in books, they feel like they are seen and heard. Books like these help shape what young girls would imagine to be possible for people who look like them or come from the same backgrounds.

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