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Review: Home Video Release of Ron’s Gone Wrong

Ron’s Gone Wrong arrives on various disc formats this Tuesday and digitally on December 15th.    This film was released by 20th Century Studios and follows the adventures of Barney (an awkward middle-school age child) as he learns about friendship from a malfunctioning robot.  B*Bots are the new fad, these robots are billed to be your “best friend out of the box” and every kid in school has one, except for Barney.  He receives one late, but it has some problems and the adventures kick off from there.

Ron's Gone Wrong

I was sent the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital combo package and watched the Blu-ray as the digital code is not active until the 15th.   The package only includes two bonus features and a trailer.   For more on the product specifications here is the original home video press release.

“A Boy and His B*Bot: When Jack Met Zach” is a conversation with the voice actors of Barney and Ron (Jack Dylan Grazer & Zach Galifianakis).  It is more a general conversation than an in depth on the film.   I would have liked for the piece to have focused more on the film itself.

“Making Ron Right” is a sixteen minute piece featuring the creative team behind the film.  It highlights some of the work that went into making the movie as well as some of the film makers goals.   This is a fairly traditional featurette covering a range of topics.  Even though it was over 16 minutes long it still felt short to me.

This film is being released differently than most recent releases. The physical disc versions are coming out a week before the digital and digital is becoming available the same day as the wide Disney+ release.  I thought the bonus features were on the limited side and felt light to me.    I have not seen any details if the Disney+ release will have any bonus features but most likely that will be the difference between the home video and streaming releases.

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