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Home Video Review: The Marvels

TheMarvels Bluray Pack 6 75The Marvels is now available on various disc and digital formats.   The super hero trio of Captain  Marvel, Captain Monica Rambeau and Ms. Marvel join forces to battle Dar-Benn in this Marvel Studios film.   For more on the film here is Maggie’s review of the theatrical release.

This initial home video offering includes a full length audio commentary by Nia DaCosta co-writer/director  and Tara DeMarco (VFX supervisor), a couple of featurettes, some deleted scenes and a gag reel.    For the full technical specifications here is the press release for the home video offering.

I received the Blu-ray/Digital version to review.   The two featurettes – Entangled(10:57) and The Production Diaries (5:30) are both traditional bonus features with interviews of the cast and creative team and a brief look behind the scenes.  They felt like a cliff notes version of the Marvel Assembled show on Disney+.    I would have preferred more or something more unique for home video.     The cornerstone offering for the home video release is the full length commentary which offered some insights into some of the decisions that were made and some stories from the production of the film.    The other bonus features were home video norms.  The gag reel was a standard one minute series of out takes and the four deleted scenes were stand alone with no context or introduction included.

The Marvels is also currently available digitally with the same offerings as the disc version and streaming on Disney+.  The Disney+ version has no bonus features with the film, but there is an option to view an  IMAX Enhanced version to watch as well as an hour long documentary called Marvel Studios Assembled The Making of The Marvels.  I preferred this hour long look at the making of the film over the shorter featurettes in this home video release.

If you are a fan of the Marvels or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you may enjoy the audio commentary and want to consider adding this offering to your personal library.  There is also a 4K and collectors editions available.  The other features were too brief for my tastes, especially compared to the Disney+ documentary to justify buying it based on those.


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