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Stay Close to Mama by Toni Buzzeo

Stay Close to Mama by Toni Buzzeo

There is so much to see in this big world and Twiga, the baby giraffe, is very curious. Twiga’s mother, tall, tall Mama, wants her baby to stay close, stay safe from danger that may be lurking around.

Daughters’ Reaction and Overview

This story is about a young giraffe’s curiosity about the world and how his mother is protective of him. I absolutely loved reading this book to my girls. My six year old daughter was able to read the words so she took over reading the rest of the book. Every time I said the lines that ended in “mama,” my two year old daughter would repeat it too. They both loved the pictures in the book, especially the younger one. She knows the sign for ‘giraffe’ so she was signing that frequently as we turned the pages and observed the pictures.


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