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Pictures: Disneyland Hotel Tower Painting (8/5/22)

The three towers of the Disneyland Hotel are being repainted.

wp 1659734714510
Disneyland Hotel from the walkway to Downtown Disney. On the left is the Adventure Tower, on the right the Fantasy Tower, in the distance Frontier. The crane is for the DVC tower.
wp 1659734714524
A closer look at the Fantasy Tower which is partially repainted.
wp 1659734714535
The Adventure Tower
wp 1659734714544
From the courtyard near Chef Goofy’s looking up at the Fantasy Tower (this is the tower that houses the main lobby).
wp 1659734714554
The Adventure Tower

wp 1659734714563

wp 1659734714572
A closer look at the new and old schemes.
wp 1659734714581
The Frontier Tower

wp 1659734714592

wp 1659734714600
The Fantasy Tower

wp 1659734714611

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