Disney D23 Expo 2015


The 2015 D23 Expo was in Anaheim from August 14-16 at the Anaheim Convention Center. This page is a summary of my posts from the Expo.

My D23Expo by the numbers:

  • Logged almost 24 miles walking the four days in Anaheim
  • Spent over 30 hours inside the convention center, attended 6 presentations
  • Just over 2,700 SLR pictures
  • Over 350 cell phone pictures
  • About 100 Live tweets from the Expo
  • 47 video clips for approx 1.5 hours of footage

Some D23 Expo Stats:

  • 4th Expo
  • Guests from all 50 states and 28 countries attended
  • 371,214 square feet of carpeting installed
  • 260 preesentations, panels, concerts, demonstrations, meet-and-greets, and sneak peeks took place during the Expo
  • 470 products debuted at the D23 Expo in the Disney Dream Store, Disney Store, and Mickey’s of Glendale

My Picture Sets:

Daynah Discoveries:
Daynah experienced her first D23 Expo and will be sharing her experiences in a series of posts for us.

Posts from the Expo

Video Playlist:

Disney D23 Expo Tips:
This will be my fourth D23 Expo. Each time the event unfolds slightly differently but here are some take away tips from the first three that may help you with this years if you are planning to attend.

  • Do NOT plan on seeing everything. There is just too much and many presentations/sessions are scheduled with overlapping times. Identify your must sees and then your tolerance level for waiting to get in. Do not expect to just show up and walk into a presentation. Most are at capacity and have queues that involve sitting for hours. Have a backup plan for each too.
  • Bring patience and flexibility. Panels start late, run late, things happen, lines are longer than you thought, something of interest catches your eye and throws off your plans. Be prepared for the unexpected schedule wise
  • Take advantage of the StagePass to save some time in line. This is a FastPass type system which will help you to know if you will have a spot and minimize your wait time for many of the sessions.
  • Be sure to leave time to explore the Floor. There are usually some great booths and exhibits throughout.
  • Remember to leave time to eat… the first Expo I made this mistake and it makes for a miserable experience. Be sure to each lunch and possibly even dinner to ensure you are in good shape for events
  • When in line visit with your fellow disneygeeks. You all have a similar interest since you are investing your time and money to visit and wait in line and it sure helps the time go faster

Disney Press Releases & Announcements:

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  • I have the whole set of trading cards except Hatbox Ghost and Launchpad Duck. Still looking to complete see if anyone is interested in selling one or both of these cards.


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