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Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates: The Great Never Sea Conquest on DVD (Daynah’s First Impressions)

jake and the Never Land PiratesYo Ho Mateys! Ready for some fun and excitement? Jake and the Never Land Pirates are here with new adventures for you. This new adventure-filled DVD includes The Great Never Sea Conquest plus 6 additional episodes of the hit Disney Junior series. As an added bonus, inside every DVD is an exclusive 3D Colossus puzzle ship that you cannot get anywhere else!

Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates: The Great Never Sea Conquest Episodes

The Great Never Sea Conquest – Season 3, Episode 34 (60 Minutes)

Jake-CreaturesNeverSeaCome join Captain Jake as he unites the Never Land’s all-time greatest pirates! The evil, Lord Fathom and his sidekick Sinker want to take over the Never Sea by awakening the Strake, a legendary three-headed sea serpent, but Jake and his crew are determined to stop him! He forms a team of “Never Land League of Pirate Captains” to battle the evil-doers. In the process, his powerful new ship, the Mighty Colossus has chosen him to be Captain of the ship and magically outfitted him in new attire and a magical sword. This episode is loaded with music, excitement, lots of adventures, and a powerful message about believing in yourself.


Into the Heart of Coldness/The Remarkable Beardini! – Season 4, Episode 1 (24 Minutes)
Your favorite pirates are taken into the icy cold fortress of ShiverJake’s to rescue the Penguins of Ch-Ch-Chilly Canyon. When Jake and his crew got captured, an unlikely little hero helps them.

The Remarkable Beardini, a pirate magician, thinks Jake stole his Invisibility Ring, but it was all a ploy so Captain Hook would have time to steal his treasures. See what kind of tricks Beardini has up his sleeves for Captain Hook.

Escape from Ghost Island/The Island of Doctor Undergear – Season 4, Episode 2 (24 Minutes)

The ghoulish Captain Wraith turns Hook, Smee, and Jake into ghosts! Find out what he is up to and how the crew escape.

Captain Jake sets out on a quest to repair Captain Gizmo, but Doctor Undergear has other plans. See if Jake succeeds in helping his friend.

Rise of the Pirate Pharaoh/The Golden Hook – Season 4, Episode 3 (24 Minutes)
Pirate Mummy gives Jake and his crew a tour of Pharaoh’s Valley, but they accidentally awaken the Pirate Pharaoh!

Captain Hook finds the Golden Hook, which turns anything it touches into gold! Lets just say he has the Midus touch.


Bonus Episodes:

These bonus episodes are a continuation of main story of the legendary Mighty Colossus.

Bonus: The Mystery of the Mighty Colossus/The Doubloon Monsoon – Season 4, Episode 4 (23 Minutes)

Jake in danger of losing his new ship,the Mighty Colossus to Captain Colossus’s ex-first mate, the Grim Buccaneer. He captures all of his crew, but Captain Jake devises a plan to take back the ship.

Captain Hook & Mama Hook race against Bones & Grandpa Bones to find the Doubloon Monsoon. Captain Hook learns the lessons that he does not need to cheat to win and to listen to his Mama!

Bonus: Shark Attack!/Captain Hook’s Colossal Collision – Season 4, Episode 5 (23 Minutes)
Captain Jake must save his ship, the Mighty Colossus, when Doctor Undergear attempts to sink it. See what Doctor Undergear’s mechanical sea creatures do to Jake and his crew.

Captain Hook steals the Mighty Colossus and Captain Jake has to stop him.

Free Bonus Gift

As an added bonus, the DVD comes with an exclusive 3D Colossus puzzle ship. It is made out of a thin foam and cardboard material. There are three sheets. You need to pop out the puzzle pieces from each card and assemble them in 15 steps. Once you are done, you have your very own Mighty Colossus!



Free Activity Sheets

Looking for more fun for your little one? Here are some free Jake and the Never Land Pirates activity sheets. This is a 15.1 MB PDF file.

Daughter’s Reaction

My four-year-old daughter is still at the stage where she is not too fond of villains and ‘bad guys’ so some of the episodes were too much for her. She did enjoy Into the Heart of Coldness though. The cuteness of the penguins outweighed the villain in that one.


Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates: The Great Never Sea Conquest is a great DVD for children with a sense of fun and adventure. Along the way, they are also learning some valuable lessons about life, teamwork, and friendship. I would recommend this DVD for children from ages 4 – 7.

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