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Geek’s Blog Postings Recap November 1 – 14, 2018


A listing of recent posts to the Geek’s Blog @ disneygeek.com, disneygeek.com posts & Disney Press Releases.

Recent Picture Set & Review Posts to the Geek’s Blog @ disneygeek.com:

Geek’s Blog Postings Recap October 15-31, 2018

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Recent Posts to disneygeek.com

  • 11.12.18 – Happy Veterans Day: Thank you to all our Veterans! Here is a post with videos and pictures of several DisneyParks Flag Retreat Ceremonies
  • 11.10.18 – Press Releases: Recent Releases include pictures and news on the Disneyland Holiday Food offerings and D23 Winter Issue Preview
  • 11.07.18 – Construction Progress: Updated with pictures of the Disneyland Star Wars, Parking Structure & Marvel projects from Friday 11/2
  • 11.05.18 – Press Releases: Recent Disney news releases include Fun Facts from WDW & Disneyland Holiday offerings plus some details on what is new. Also more Ralph Breaks the Internet clips.
  • 11.04.18 – Geek Speaks: My thoughts and observations from Friday at the Disneyland Resort.
  • 11.03.18 – Park Miles: My trip log from Friday at the Disneyland Resort. My full picture set will be posted later this weekend.
  • 11.03.18 – Disneyland Resort Pictures: My full picture set from Friday 11/2 featuring the transition to Christmas, a check of on going projects (Star Wars, Parking Structure, Matterhorn and More), new dryers in Grizzly Recreation Area and Luxo Jr plus my usual assortment of random pictures.
  • 11.02.18 – The Geek’s Blog: This afternoon/evening I plan to be at the Disneyland Resort stop by the blog to see picture posts as I roam the parks.
  • 11.01.18 – Geeks Blog: Miss any recent pictures, review or news posts to our blog? Here is a listing of the past couple weeks posts.


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