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Pop Star Minnie now on DVD (Daynah’s First Impressions)

Pop Star Minnie DVD“Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Pop Star Minnie” arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day on Disney DVD, February 2! This DVD is bursting with fun and musical excitement that is simply song-sational.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Pop Star Minnie Episodes

Pop Star Minnie – Season 5, Episode 2 (30 Mins)
Ready to hop aboard the Musical Clubhouse Tour Bus?! Minnie Mouse has always dreamed about singing on stage and now her dream is finally about to come true. But there is one problem. Her Clubhouse back-up band pals discovered that their musical instruments have disappeared. How can she perform without her band? Help Minnie and friends track down the missing instruments and reach the Melody Mountain by sunset.

Mickey’s Clubhouse Rocks – Season 4, Episode 10 (25 Mins)
Mickey and his pals join together for a Clubhouse battle of the bands. Donald Duck wanted to help out with everyone’s band but he felt a little excluded. See how Mickey and Minnie show him that he is needed and is special.

Minnie & Daisy’s Flower Shower – Season 3, Episode 28 (25 Mins)
Minnie and Daisy host a flower show for their friends but they have one problem.. they have no flowers! They need rain so the flowers could grow. Each set of flowers will be growing in different shaped flower pots. See how they make different shape clouds to water all of these seedlings! This episode is great for teaching kids about different shapes.

Minnie’s Mouseke-Calendar – Season 3, Episode 14 (25 Mins)
There is a strong wind blowing in town and it blew away the pages of Minnie’s calendar. The calendar is extremely important to her since it reminds her what she plans to do each day of the week. This episode is great for teaching kids the days of the week and how to count up to 7.

Bonus Episodes

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Big Band Concert – Season 2, Episode 11
Mickey and friends practice their band’s music for the Mickey Park Polka-Palooza Dance Festival. That is where the elephants will dance the Pachyderm Polka. This band, The Sensational Six: Mickey on ukulele, Donald on tuba, Minnie on piano, Daisy on xylophone, Goofy on trombone, and Pluto as metronome, start practicing but their instruments sound a little off. They need to be fixed — Minnie’s Piano have the wrong pitch, Goofy’s trombone slide is stuck, Daisy’s xylophone is falling apart, Mickey’s ukulele strings are out of tune, Donald’s papers blow away. Can you help them? This episode is great for teaching kids about patterns, and colors, and logical thinking.

Minnie’s Bow Toons: Rooftop Repair (3 Mins)
Uh-oh! Minnie and Daisy get stuck on the roof of their apartment when they tried to fix the satellite cable. See how they get out of this little mess.

Minnie’s Bow Toons: Alarm Clocked Out (3 Mins)
Minnie, Daisy, and Cuckoo-Loca spend the entire night trying to control the “Wake up Wonder” before it wakes up Millie and Melody! It continually made sounds and the trio were constantly found themselves doing everything to keep the place quiet.

Free Bonus Gift

This DVD also comes with a free bonus gift. It’s an inflatable pink guitar! that looks just like the one Minnie uses in the Pop Star Minnie episode. The pink guitar is so easy to inflate, even a 4-year-old could do it. First insert the straw into the guitar. Next, blow into the straw until the guitar is fully inflated. Once done, take the straw out and you are ready to play.

Pop Star Minnie Guitar

Cannot get enough of Pop Star Minnie? Here are some free Pop Star Minnie activity sheets. In it, you will find a coloring sheet, connect the dots, spot the difference, a maze, and more!

Daughter’s Reaction

Pop Star Minnie GuitarMy 4-year-old daughter absolutely loves Minnie Mouse, so when the DVD started playing, she was jumping for joy all over the place. She enthusiastically replied and answered all of Mickey Mouse’s questions and helped the characters when they asked for her assistance. After watching the DVD, she was happily singing the songs and retelling me everything she watched.


This DVD has some great episodes of Minnie Mouse and musical instruments. If you have a little one who enjoys both, then it is perfect for you. I really enjoy watching my daughter interact with all the characters and how excited she was watching all of the shows. You can also see the look of accomplishment on her face after she finished inflating the toy guitar by herself too. Overall, this DVD has been a great experience for our whole family.

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