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Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital Available on DVD (Daynah’s 1st Impressions)

Doc McStuffin: Toy HospitalNow available on DVD is Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital! Join Doc McStuffins as she gets ready for the big time and moves on up. She expands her backyard toy clinic practice to the magical new world of McStuffinsville! Here, she gets to carry on the family tradition by becoming Chief Resident of McStuffins Toy Hospital. Grandma McStuffins shares with Doc the news that she also has the ability to bring toys to life! Shh! It skips a generation. With that piece of news, Grandma McStuffins transports Doc and her toy friends to McStuffinsville using a toysponder! McStuffinsville is a magical world made up entirely of toys and also includes a huge Toy Hospital. However, not everyone there is happy about their visit. Find out what happens in McStuffinsville.

Also featured on the newest DVD are four episodes highlighting the McStuffins’ family experience as they encounter the joys of adoption! Mom and Dad McStuffins decided to adopt a baby. These episodes focus on situations and emotions young children may encounter when a new baby arrives.


  • Welcome to McStuffinsville (Season 4, Episode 1, 46mins)
    Grandma McStuffins surprises Doc and tells her that she also have the ability to bring toys to life! Then using the toysponder, she transports Doc and her friends to McStuffinsville where there is a toy hospital for Doc to run.
  • Baby McStuffins/Selfless Snowman (Season 3, Episode 30, 24 mins)
    Mom and Dad McStuffins have a surprise! A new member will be added to the family! To practice, Mom McStuffins gives Doc a toy baby doll. When Baby C.C. comes to life, it was the cutest thing ever.
  • Runaway Love/Tour De McStuffins (Season 3, Episode 25, 24 mins)
    Donny (Doc’s little brother) is worried that the new baby will take attention away from him, so he plans to run away. Doc has been busy helping her parents prepare for the new baby too that Lambie starts to feel left out. I can absolutely relate to this episode. I recently had my second child and my eldest daughter felt lonely and left out a lot. It is a great episode to help the children adjust to the new change.
  • Bringing Home Baby (Season 3, Episode 34, 24 mins)
    Mom and Dad McStuffins get the call that the new baby is on the way! Grandma McStuffins arrives to help take care of Doc and Donny while their parents are away.
  • Baby Names/Night, Night Lala! (Season 3, Episode 26, 23 mins)
    Baby McStuffins is finally home! But surprisingly, she does not have a name yet. Donny, Doc’s brother, thinks they should name her “Spooky Baby Alien Eyes”, but that does not seem right.Doc is playing with her toys in the nursery in case the baby wakes up and gets fussy. Lala, the baby’s first toy, was in the crib and decided to play a song for the baby. Unfortunately, the baby wakes up and starts crying. Lala tries to make the baby stop crying by dancing on the edge of the crib but falls and gets a rip! Time for someone to get a check-up!

Daughter’s Reaction

I watched the DVD with my almost 5-year-old daughter. She has always loved watching Doc McStuffins since she was very little and she absolutely loved this DVD.

She was a little bit scared of the lion that appeared in the Toy Hospital episode though. He was a broken toy who was not enthusiastic about Doc’s arrival.

The four episodes with the baby were adorable. My daughter was constantly laughing at Stuffy the Dragon’s antics.

Free Bonus Gift

ToysponderAs a bonus gift, a Toysponder was included in the DVD. It looks just like the one that Grandma McStuffins give to Doc in the first episode. My daughter was really excited to play with it after she saw the Toy Hospital episode. It’s a little bit hard to put on because the holes for the latch is small. But once you get it on, it is stuck.


This DVD was quite enjoyable. I liked watching it with my daughter and listening to her laugh at the episodes. The Toy Hospital was a great adventure and we got to meet a new character — Grandma McStuffins. I am happy to see that she can talk to toys too. What I really loved most about this DVD were the episodes about babies. My daughter went through a lot of the same emotions when her sibling arrived. The episodes are nice because they help the kids understand that these feelings are normal and how they can adjust.

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