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Sofia the First: The Secret Library on DVD

Sofia the First: The Secret Library” is a collection of 4 episodes that are full of stories and adventures! With advice from special guests like Princess Merida (“Brave”) and Olaf (“Frozen”), Sofia was able to make some good decisions on the best way to solve her problems.

Sofia the First: The Secret Library Episodes

Sofia the First: Secret Library

  • Princess Adventure Club
    A newcomer at Royal Prep, Princess Zooey, had trouble making friends. Sofia came along and introduced her to all of her friends. Everything was going great until Amber shows up with a meteorite calling it a meteor. Princess Zooey corrects her, but Amber rudely snaps at her and ignores her correction. Zooey felt a little bit hurt, so Sofia encourages her to start a club to make friends. Zooey decides to start the Princess Adventure Club with Sofia as its first member. When the word gets out on how fun the club was, Amber decides to join too but Zooey does not allow her to because of how Amber treated her. This puts a wrinkle in Zooey and Sofia’s friendship. Watch to see how the Princesses work together to make amends.
  • The Secret Library (Featuring Merida from “Brave”)
    Sofia’s Aunt Tilly returns to give her a gift that will unlock a secret world and appoint Sofia storykeeper of magical books without endings in “Sofia the First: The Secret Library.” Follow along as Sofia pursues adventures that will finish the narratives like rescuing Minimus’ brother from an evil prince.This episode is absolutely gorgeous. I love the journey Sofia goes on just to find the Secret Library.
  • The Princess Ballet
    At Royal Prep, Princess Kari proved to be very skilled at many things. Her Enchanted Gardening skills were quite exceptional. Royal Prep then announced that they will be hosting an Arts Night in two days. Sofia, Amber, and Kari volunteer for the ballet, but ballet was one thing that Kara was did not excel at. She is determined to be perfect though because her mother was a prima ballerina when she was a student a Royal Prep! She later learns that being perfect at everything is not as important as giving your best. Watch how she discover this for herself.My daughter and I really liked this episode because of the lesson that Princess Kari learned. She also loves anything that has to do with ballet!
  • The Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle (Featuring Olaf from “Frozen”)
    Sofia arrives in the Secret Library, having been summoned there by her amulet. The Library selects the story called The Tale of Miss Nettle, to Sofia’s horror. Sofia wonders what Miss Nettle is up to now. She gets her answer when the book goes inside the pendulum and the Library Narrator tells her the story.As the story goes, for many years, there were no flowers in Freezenburg until the King sent the Royal Gardener on a quest to find a flower strong enough to grow in Freezenburg’s frigid climate. The Gardener returned with such a flower. It was called “The Snowdrop.” The King and his subjects loved the Snowdrop so much that they had it planted all over the Kingdom. Every year they hold the Winter Flower Festival in honor of the flower. However, the Winter Flower Festival is under threat by Miss Nettle. She has been stealing all the Snowdrops… If she takes them all, it will ruin the Winter Flower Festival. Not only that, the Kingdom of Freezenburg will never have flowers again. After gearing this, Sofia must figure out how to stop Miss Nettle and give this story a happy ending.Sofia’s amulet glows and usually when it does, she gets help from another Princess. But in this episode, we are hilarious greeted by Olaf from Frozen! My daughter was laughing so much in this episode since Olaf is such a big comic relief. But he did give Sofia some wonderful advice and a good life lesson. Watch to see how he helps out Princess Sofia.

Daughter’s Reaction

My 4-year-old daughter enjoyed the Sofia the First episodes in this DVD. There was one episode that she was afraid of. In The Secret Library, there was a part where some of the characters catch and tie up a flying horse and she did not like that part at all. Her favorite episode was definitely the The Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle because of Olaf. He was just hilarious as ever, yet did offer great advice for Sofia.

Free Bonus Gifts

In the DVD is a free Sofia Necklace that my daughter loves. There are also some fun digital activities in the PDF below:

Sofia the First Activities

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