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Geek’s Blog Postings Recap February 15 – 28, 2018


A listing of recent posts to the Geek’s Blog @ disneygeek.com, disneygeek.com posts & Disney Press Releases.

Recent Picture Set & Review Posts to the Geek’s Blog @ disneygeek.com:

Geek’s Blog Postings Recap February 1-14, 2018

Recent Disney Press Releases posted on disneygeek.com

Recent Posts to disneygeek.com

  • 02.25.18 – Geek Speaks: My thoughts and observations from Friday at the Disneyland Resort.
  • 02.24.18 – Park Miles: My trip log from Friday at the Disneyland Resort.
  • 02.24.18 – Disneyland Resort Pictures: Pictures from Friday including the new Main Street bricks and tracks plus the Black Panther at DCA, an extended look at the ongoing projects Star Wars, Pixar Pier, & small world mall as well as a 1st look at Disney Home Store.
  • 02.23.18 – The Geek’s Blog: This afternoon and evening I plan to be at the Disneyland Resort, stop by the blog for posts as I explore the parks.
  • 02.22.18 – Press Releases: A couple more releases this week including Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary info, baby hippo news, and a couple more Pixar Pier details.
  • 02.20.18 – Press Releases: Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Home Video, Hong Kong Fiscal Report, WDW Toy Story Land Opening date and more in recent news releases
  • 02.16.18 – Geeks Blog: Happy New Year for those of you celebrating the Lunar New Year. Here are some pictures and links to posts of the DCA celebration that runs through this weekend in case you missed them.
  • 02.15.18 – Geeks Blog: Recap of recent posts to the blog including reviews, press releases, and pictures.
  • 02.14.18 – Construction Progress: Updated with pictures of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Parking Structure Preparations from Friday 2/9.
  • 02.12.18 – Press Releases: At the D23 Expo in Japan at the Parks and Resort presentation more details on some upcoming attractions/entertainment at Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris were released.


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