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Mickey and The Roadster Racers on DVD (Daynah’s Review)

The latest Mickey and Friends spin-off, Mickey and The Roadster Racers, is now available on DVD. This new series take place on Hot Dog Hill, where Mickey and his pals run the coolest garage you have ever seen! Join them as they power up their amazing and transforming cars for races all through the town and around the world! Also team up with Minnie and Daisy when they help others in need and solve various problems at their “Happy Helpers” headquarters. Mickey and the Roadster Racers is a wild ride with fun and friendly competition that will keep you and your kids laughing from start to finish!


  • Mickey’s Wild Tire! / Sittin’ Kitty – Episode 1
    The series start off with the pals anticipating to meet racing champion Jiminy Johnson! Mickey tries to surprise him, but something went terribly wrong.Minnie and Daisy, the Happy Helpers, help babysit a cat, but went on a wild chase finding it all over Hot Dog Hills.
  • Goofy Gas! / Little Big Ape – Episode 2
    Goofy’s got gas! And lots of it. His gas makes race cars go a little faster… and more. This silly race will keep you laughing up a storm.Someone keeps stealing Clarabelle’s banana bread! Not to fear, Happy Helpers are here to help.
  • Race for the Rigatoni Ribbon! / Roaming Around Rome – Episode 3
    Mickey and the gang compete against cheating Piston Pietro in Rome.The Happy Helpers cover for a sick friend by giving a tour of Rome to a legendary travel critic. This is probably my personal favorite episode because Tim Gunn’s voice just suits the critic character!

Bonus Episodes

  • Mickey’s Perfecto Day / Running of the Roadsters! – Episode 5
    So romantic! Mickey plans a perfect day for Minnie in Madrid, but a playful bull has other plans. Also see a special reunion of The Three Caballeros.Minnie and Daisy make a bet with Mickey and Donald over who will win a race in Spain.
  • Music Video: Mickey and the Roadster Racers Theme Song
    This catchy tune is performed by Beau Black. It has a boy-band vibe and makes you want to get up and dance.
  • Music Video: Happy Helpers Theme Song
    When Minnie and Daisy are not racing, they are the “Happy Helpers!” What ya gonna do when you got a problem? You need some friends to help you solve them! Sing this catchy tune sang by Minnie and Daisy.

Free Bonus Gift

As an extra bonus gift, the DVD also comes with an exclusive create-your-own personalized metal license plate. The small metal plate features an image of Mickey holding a trophy. You can customize it with the letter stickers.

Daughter’s Reaction

My 5-year-old daughter loves the new series since Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of her favorite Disney shows. She is already familiar with all the characters and seeing them in new adventures is always exciting. The Happy Helpers is now her favorite part of the new series since she loves Minnie and Daisy, and she thinks it is so much fun seeing them change into new outfits each time.


This new series brings more fun and adventures to your favorite pals! The spinoff from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is quite refreshing, but there are a few differences that I see. First off, the new series is made for children ages 4+. This series no longer pauses for your child’s response, and the animation is much faster. The vocabulary and some of the jokes are made for a big kid audience. Children are no longer learning about numbers and shapes, but they are learning more about life lessons instead. I like the new series as it is an extension of something the children are already familiar with, not to mention, the humor is something parents will love.

Video Clips

Here is a clip of Goofy Gas where the boys race in their cars.

Here is a clip of Chasing Kitty where the Happy Helpers babysit a Kitty.


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