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Minnie: Helping Hearts on DVD – Daynah’s Review

MinnieHelpingHeartsThe Happy Helpers are back again! In Minnie: Helping Hearts, Minnie and Daisy are ready to assist their friends with happy hearts and helping hands. It does not matter if it is babysitting or leading the Valentine’s Day dance contest, they are here to help! See these best friends in action on Disney DVD.


  • The Happiest Helpers Cruise! – The girls find themselves helping out on a cruise ship and running a Valentine dance contest. They help instill some confidence in one of the dancers.
  • The Big Broadcast – Minnie and Daisy become race announcers! They were able to help one of the racers to follow their own advice of just do it and not overthink!
  • Adventures in Buddysitting! – The local daycare closed down, so Minnie and Daisy are helping to take care of the kids. One child, Buddy, is a bit shy and they helped him overcome it and make some friends.
  • Lights! Camera! Help! – The girls help an actress overcome her fear of singing in front of people.
  • Grandpa Beagle’s Day Out – The Happy Helpers help a grandson see that people should follow their passions and age should not limit that.
  • Artful Helpers – Minnie and Daisy become art museum security guards and help catch a crook.
  • Cuckoo La-La – Oh no, Cucko Loca’s cousin’s fashion show outfits are ruined! But the Happy Helpers save the day!
  • Figaro’s New Friend – Figaro finds a new friend in Pluto!

Daughters’ Reaction

My daughters (six and one year olds) were glued to the television when I popped in the DVD. They just love all things Minnie and this compilation of Minnie shows is just perfect for them.


Overall, I enjoyed watching these episodes with my daughters and loved seeing their faces light up when the show starts. The stories all involved helping people and encouraging them to do their best, which is a great lesson I try to teach my daughters. My younger daughter is a bit too young to understand the content of the shows, but she does recognize and enjoy seeing Minnie Mouse. My older daughter absolutely adores Minnie and I love all the lessons the show teaches her. As a mother, I have to say, I liked hearing Cuckoo Loca’s slight sarcasm now and then.

Usually when you watch Mickey and the Roadster Racers, there would be one episode of Mickey and the Roadster Racers and the one of Happy Helpers follows. But in this DVD compilation contains only episodes of Happy Helpers. This is a perfect DVD for your little sweetheart who loves Minnie, Daisy, Cuckoo Loca, and finding ways to help people in need.

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